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October 2012

Preventative Healthcare for Children

Preventative Healthcare for Children

Every parent wants their child to be healthy. Here’s Dr. Firstname M. Lastname, a Family Practice physician with Medical Center/Hospital, to give us some sound advice about the benefits of preventative medicine for children.

Let’s begin with an infant.

After a child is born, both the parents and the physician are given an immunization card. It’s…

Your Hospital Registration Checklist

Your Hospital Registration Checklist

No one likes being admitted to a hospital. It’s a stressful situation for anyone. The last thing you need to worry about is the registration process. So use this handy checklist to make sure your next admission is simple, fast and easy.

What to bring for hospital registration or pre-admission

• All active medical insurance cards

• Socia…

Treating Sleep Disorders


To Find Mr. Sandman, Sometimes You Need Medical Help.

Are you always feeling tired during the day? Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Do you snore loudly when you sleep or wake up frequently during the night? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder and need to seek medical advice.

Why Sleep Is So…



If you sometimes hear a ringing in your ears, you’re not alone. Nearly 36 million Americans suffer from this condition, which is called tinnitus. Here’s Dr. Firstname M. Lastname, an Otolaryngologist with Medical Center/Hospital, to tell us more.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a ringing sound in the ear. It may come and go, or it may be continuous. It can vary in pitch from a low…

The Growing Danger of Diabetes

Are You At Risk For Diabetes?

Are you 45 or older? Are you overweight or obese? If you answered “Yes” to both questions, you may be at risk for diabetes. Other risk factors include a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Diabetes is a lifelong medical condition marked by high levels of a sugar called glucose, a source of energy for the body. Insulin, whic…

Sinus Problems

Sinus Problems

Each year, sinus problems, also known as sinusitis, affects 37 million Americans. Sinusitis is the most frequently reported chronic condition in the United States. here’s Dr. Firstname M. Lastname, an Otolaryngologist with Medical Center/ Hospital, to tell us more about this common condition.

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a swelling of the inner lining of the sinuses.

Ruptured Disc

A Ruptured Disc

Over 80% of all adults will be temporarily disabled by back pain some time in their lives. Here’s Dr. Firstname M. Lastname, an Orthopaedic Surgeon with Medical Center/Hospital, to tell us about one of the most serious causes of severe back pain: a ruptured disc.

What is a ruptured disc?

Between each vertebra in your spinal column there is a flexible disc that acts like a…

Putting People First

Putting People First: Our Three Commitments to Patient Care

1) We Make You Feel Like You’re The Only Person In Our Care. First and foremost, our care is guided by the needs of our patients and their families. We deliver personal service that’s friendly, attentive, thoughtful and compassionate.

2) We Treat You Like A Person, Not A Number. We take the time to listen to our patients and…

Patient Recognition Day (February 3, 2011)

Our Pledge To Our Patients

Patient Recognition Day is February 3, a day when hospitals around the country take the opportunity to re-pledge their commitment and dedication to patient care and satisfaction.

For us, that commitment means more than it does at other hospitals. After all, as a local community hospital, our patients are our friends and our neighbors. Taking care of them and…

National Volunteer Week (April)

Deliberate Acts of Kindness Thank you to our hospital volunteers!

With National Volunteer Week coming up soon (April 10 – 16), we wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for everything our volunteers do. Whether it’s working in the gift shop, welcoming visitors or visiting with patients, our volunteers use their special skills, talents and heartfelt compassion to mak…

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